Friday, August 21, 2009

One more entry from the Fantastic Voyage

Better late than never! Here's another entry from the Grades 7 to 9 Fantastic Voyage, courtesy of Aubrey:

"We spent the day on the ship, going through 2 watch group rotations, sailing, learning, hanging out, and being entertained by several crew skits. We saw baby porpoises and what we think was resident Orca K-22. Each apprentice taught a class on how to prepare for and navigate a 5-day trip aboard Adventuress. This evening, we anchored in Park Bay, joined in the same anchorage by the vessels Odyssey and Zodiac. The evening program was "Party Piece," with guitar playing, card tricks, an epic 3-act skit, and the Yarn of the Nancy Belle puppet show. All in all, a wonderful day."

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