Friday, August 14, 2009

Fantastic Voyage Grades 7 to 9 on Adventuress

Ahoy from Adventuress!

This week we've been sailing with the Fantastic Voyagers in grades 7 to 9 in the San Juan Islands. We also have a couple of apprentices aboard, as well as one of our very favorite Galley Coordinators, Tom Weiner. Here's what we've been up to:

Wednesday, August 12

From Watch Group Leader Alissa: "This is a great group of high-energy kids. Many have come with sailing experience and they're ready and eager to learn more. We started off sailing right away, then took time to get to know one another, set goals for the trip, and have line-handling orientation. My Watch Group is called the Alpha Anemones, so we made name tags using the flag symbol for "alpha." Here are some of our group's comment about today:

Will listed hoisting the main sail as a highlight. Alex and Adrian enjoyed the African Stew prepared by Tom. Alex discovered that sweating the lines to the 'two-six-heave' was tough! Cassidy liked raising the sails. And Watch Leader Zach thought that 'Will's line handling skills were fantastic!'

This evening we had a gettting-to-know-you scavenger hunt game for our program. One of the anchor watches was delighted to see a blue heron land on the boom."

Thursday, August 13

From Aubrey: "It was a full day today. Sailing in the morning with Watch Group rotations for classes, including plankton tows and using the microscope TV. We anchored early and had a fun afternoon climbing aloft, sailing Ayashe, and hanging out on the bowsprit. We had delicious burritos for dinner. This group has set a record for this summer for the least food waste...we've only had 0.75 gallons on this trip so far, which is really impressive! Tom's great food has been gobbled up like crazy. For our evening program we played a game and got everybody singing."

From Apprentice Ashlyn: "Today I learned the names of almost all of the lines on the boat. After the lesson, I had to label them all on a picture of Adventuress. It took a lot of hints from the crew, but I got it done. Now I have a reference in case I forget any of the lines, even though that won't happen! I also got to climb aloft for the second time this afternoon and this time I brought my camera along with me and took some awesome pictures. As an apprentice, I'm learning a lot of navigation. I got to work with the other apprentice to plan the route of our five-day trip. I never knew how much planning it takes for a trip like this. I'm really enjoying the trip so far and looking forward to learning more about sailing and navigation."

Friday, August 14

From C Watch: "Today we went for a shore hike on Jones Island. We spent time looking in the tidepools and saw crabs, sea snails, limpets, hermit crabs, small fish, and seaweed. We also saw purple and red Lion's Mane jellies in the water. We did a scavenger hunt on the beach, and we picked up trash. Then we took solo hikes, where we were spaced apart for some quiet contemplation. Placed along the path were inspirational quotes on cards printed by Hannah. A highlights was our afternoon snack of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies."

Fun fact from C Watch: "Last night, the moon was at the farthest point north of the equator that it will be all year."

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