Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Journal Entries: August 20th

Journal Entries: Aug. 20th
Elderhostel Intergenerational aboard Adventuress
San Juan Islands

Last night, while Adventuress was rafted up to the beautiful schooner Zodiac, the current pushing between the ships was alight with bioluminescence and the water was loud with the snorts and thrashing of pinnipeds.

A big highlight was sailing with the wind through the President’s Channel. The lines were taut with wind and the ship was heeled over so far that walking across the deck felt like rock climbing. Below decks there were some breaking jars and slipping bags--a good reminder to stow things properly.

We sailed all morning, then stopped over at Deer Harbor for warm showers after furling the jib out on the windy bowsprit. We continued on a cleaner crew to Blind Bay, where we learned about stars from the mate Sarah as darkness fell.

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