Friday, August 7, 2009

More from the Fantastic Voyageers!

(top) Puppet show: Yarn of the Nancy Belle (middle) Stuart Island view (top) Climbing aloft

The phone signals were tricky during the trip, but now that everyone's back ashore, we thought we'd share a few of the journal entries:

From the participants:

"We anchored early on the third day and got to climb aloft, row in Ayashe, sit on the bowsprit, throw heaving lines, and just hang out. We met Nicole, the lighthouse tender. She came aboard Adventuress for the evening program and shared stories with us."

"On day four we took a shore hike on Stuart Island to the lighthouse and the schoolhouse. We had lunch in the field and played games like Ultimate Frisbee in the park."

"On the fifth day, we had Schooner Olympics. We had three teams: "Team One," "Canada," and "Bjorkland." There was immense spirit and teamwork from all. We competed in fender racing, the human knot, pair knotting, and line heaving. The ultimate victor was Bjorkland, followed by Team One, and lastly Canada. Jessup and Jordan commentated splendidly."

"Also on day five, we finished three baggywrinkles, and completed a Silent Set, where we raised all four sails without any verbal input from the crew!"

"Favorite meals were peanut butter chocolate chip muffins and zuccini muffins for breakfast, sauteed zuccini, black bean burgers, and spaghetti for dinner. We came close to breaking the record for least food waste on the trip, with only 2.5 gallons (a half bucket) of compost collected from 35 people over five days. One day there was ZERO food waste."

From the apprentices:

"On the fourth day, we took a shore hike to one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the San Juans. We had a nice wind and sailed fairly well with a little motoring. I wish we would not have had to motor, but it had to be done."

"I finished a Turk's Head for my wrist. I'm extremely stoked to wear one and I hope it stays on until I die! I still need to make a lanyard for my apprentice knife, which I hope to do tomorrow."


  1. Amelia filled in the missing Anchor Watch names: the Barnacalugas and the Chinookies (joining les Anemone Apocolyptique. A good time was had by all!!!

  2. why do I look so sad next to Amelia? :D