Monday, May 31, 2010

Adventuress Thanks our Troops!

Today is Memorial Day!

We here at Sound Experience and aboard the schooner Adventuress are deeply thankful for the women and men who serve, and have served in, our country's armed forces. We are honored to fly the American flag from our ship to show our support for our country and our troops. Thank you for your service to our country!

On a related note, did you know that Adventuress was in the military during World War II? Starting in 1943 she served as a patrol boat in the United States Coast Guard for two and a half years on the west coast of the United States.

Upon completion of her service, James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, wrote a letter stating, "it will no doubt be a matter of great pride and interest to you to know that ADVENTURESS gave valuable and excellent service in the important duties assigned to her. In recognition of the war service rendered by ADVENTURESS you are authorized to place in the most appropriate display location five chevrons, one for each six months active service with the Coast Guard."

Do you think we should apply the chevrons? We'll have to investigate how to properly go about this. Where should they go? Comment on this blog with your answers!

Fair Winds,

The Crew & Staff of Sound Experience aboard the schooner Adventuress

Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventuress Won the Popular Vote!

By Zach Simonson-Bond

Hey everyone! Wow, the month-long Partners in Preservation (PiP) program was a whirlwind! This post comes well after the end-of-voting, which closed on May 12; my apologies for not keeping these up! You can expect us to resume our regular, weekly blog-posts starting with this one.

To start, I am excited to say that Adventuress has officially WON the popular vote and will receive $125,000 for the restoration of our Counter-Stern (Click here to read Howard Chapelle's thoughts on the counter-stern design). WOOHOO!

One REALLY COOL difference between our Seattle/Puget Sound Initiative (as it was called) and the four previous PiP Initiatives was the "nail-biting" race to the finish. During the last few days Adventuress and Town Hall Seattle often had tied percentages, but by midnight on May 12, Adventuress had gained the lead, and the win, with 20 percent of the total votes!

So! Here's the best part! The race was so close that the PiP Board decided to give BOTH Adventuress and Town Hall full grants of $125,000!! We are so excited for Town Hall. They ran an amazing campaign full of creativity and enthusiasm. We're looking forward to seeing their restored windows & walls, and would love to collaborate more with them in the future.

Ship's Log
Onboard Adventuress are some middle schoolers from Montana for a three-day overnight trip. Yesterday, they sailed from Bellingham, WA, to the San Juan Islands where they will spend the majority of their trip. Adventuress will be sailing out of Bellingham until Saturday, June 5.

Space Available on FAMILY SAIL
There is still space on our Family Sail this weekend, May 29 - 31. If you're interested in getting your family aboard for a three-day overnight, call the office: 360-379-0438 or Click Here for more information.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome, 2010 Season-One Crew!

By Elizabeth Becker

After an exciting but totally exhausting winter restoration project, we’ve finally started our 2010 sailing season. Our Season-One crew, which includes both new and returning crew members, arrived for a welcome dinner on board the ship Sunday, April 25, in Port Townsend. A windy day on Monday kept them dockside, but the ship headed out of the harbor on Tuesday, April 27, for a week of crew training on the way to Tacoma.

As always, we have a stellar group of Educator/Deckhands on board, hailing from all across the U.S. and from Canada. Returning are Captain Joshua, First Mate Sarah, Engineer Asa, Second Mate Adam, Bosun Nate, and Program Coordinator Monica. Captain Daniel Evans is on board for his first season with Adventuress but is no stranger to tall ships. We do have a surprising number of “dual names” on board, including two Ethans, two Camerons, and two Erins. Nicknames will likely be a necessity. Check out all the crew bios by clicking this link.

We’re also happy to welcome two former crew members to our Office Watch. Zach is our new Development Associate and Megan is

our new Education and Outreach Coordinator. We’ve also recently welcomed Kelli as our part-time Bookkeeper and Daniel as our interim Membership Coordinator.

It’s looking like it will be a fun and busy spring filled with lots of school programs and a full summer in the San Juan Islands, with sails for teens, families, seniors, and “grown-ups” (the term grown-up applies to age only; maturity is not a requirement). We hope you’ll join us for an overnight program or at least one of our many 3-hour Public Sails. Check out our website for details (or give us a call).

We’re still working on scheduling programs for late September and October, so if you know of a school or youth group or a corporate group interested in shipboard environmental education and leadership, please let us know.

See you on board!