Monday, May 24, 2010

Adventuress Won the Popular Vote!

By Zach Simonson-Bond

Hey everyone! Wow, the month-long Partners in Preservation (PiP) program was a whirlwind! This post comes well after the end-of-voting, which closed on May 12; my apologies for not keeping these up! You can expect us to resume our regular, weekly blog-posts starting with this one.

To start, I am excited to say that Adventuress has officially WON the popular vote and will receive $125,000 for the restoration of our Counter-Stern (Click here to read Howard Chapelle's thoughts on the counter-stern design). WOOHOO!

One REALLY COOL difference between our Seattle/Puget Sound Initiative (as it was called) and the four previous PiP Initiatives was the "nail-biting" race to the finish. During the last few days Adventuress and Town Hall Seattle often had tied percentages, but by midnight on May 12, Adventuress had gained the lead, and the win, with 20 percent of the total votes!

So! Here's the best part! The race was so close that the PiP Board decided to give BOTH Adventuress and Town Hall full grants of $125,000!! We are so excited for Town Hall. They ran an amazing campaign full of creativity and enthusiasm. We're looking forward to seeing their restored windows & walls, and would love to collaborate more with them in the future.

Ship's Log
Onboard Adventuress are some middle schoolers from Montana for a three-day overnight trip. Yesterday, they sailed from Bellingham, WA, to the San Juan Islands where they will spend the majority of their trip. Adventuress will be sailing out of Bellingham until Saturday, June 5.

Space Available on FAMILY SAIL
There is still space on our Family Sail this weekend, May 29 - 31. If you're interested in getting your family aboard for a three-day overnight, call the office: 360-379-0438 or Click Here for more information.

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  1. Zach -- I just found your comment on my blog post about The Adventuress. Can you send me your e-mail address and I'll pass it along to a few people I know who might be able to help find school groups for you in Gig Harbor. Congratulations on winning!