Monday, May 31, 2010

Adventuress Thanks our Troops!

Today is Memorial Day!

We here at Sound Experience and aboard the schooner Adventuress are deeply thankful for the women and men who serve, and have served in, our country's armed forces. We are honored to fly the American flag from our ship to show our support for our country and our troops. Thank you for your service to our country!

On a related note, did you know that Adventuress was in the military during World War II? Starting in 1943 she served as a patrol boat in the United States Coast Guard for two and a half years on the west coast of the United States.

Upon completion of her service, James Forrestal, Secretary of the Navy, wrote a letter stating, "it will no doubt be a matter of great pride and interest to you to know that ADVENTURESS gave valuable and excellent service in the important duties assigned to her. In recognition of the war service rendered by ADVENTURESS you are authorized to place in the most appropriate display location five chevrons, one for each six months active service with the Coast Guard."

Do you think we should apply the chevrons? We'll have to investigate how to properly go about this. Where should they go? Comment on this blog with your answers!

Fair Winds,

The Crew & Staff of Sound Experience aboard the schooner Adventuress


  1. Thanks for including Adventuress' World War II history in this post. I think it's very important that everyone who comes aboard gets a sense of all the history that the Adventuress has been a part of, so I think we should definitely display those chevrons. Perhaps one our local US Navy public affairs officers could provided guidance on the appropriate display of her chevrons.

    Pat Pielage

  2. I think that is a great idea Pat! I would love to get 5 bronze chevrons to display on the ship if it's deemed appropriate.

    I did some research on getting the them on the boat. I contacted an organization that creates plaques and certificates pertaining to wartime service chevrons. They were adamant that chevrons are never awarded to a ship or an object, but are strictly for use by personnel.

    However, I'm wondering if the Navy would be willing to compromise due to our historic nature? It's something I'd like to pursue more.