Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Sail aboard Adventuress--Part 1

Family Sail Anchor Watch Poem
2200 8/8/2009-0700 8/9/2009

Seals and porpoises
night our stillness brings peace, dreams reeled in by the sea.
Wind slowly musters
Washes in from crooks unknown
Wakened by the night.
Midnight discussions in the calm,
Moon peeking out from the clouds,
honks and quacks somehow add to the silence; Gentle mist makes us all sea creatures.
Form, function, and beauty.
A thousand reminders of those gone before, Driven on, ceaselessly by the music.
Driven on by the waves
Riding the current
Stuff floating in the water.
Is it glowing?
The surface erupting in a carpet of ripples.
Fish feeding,
Glassy waters reflect the trees, the sky Mirrors our dreams back to us And to our children Who carry them into the future.
Minnows jump and show their shining
silver sides bidding
the sun to come and rise.
Etherial islands drift,
Billow, bunch, then shift
Within, darkness dulls all senses
The sun to come and rise.

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