Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Journal Entry: Morning of Aug. 20th
Elderhostel Intergenerational aboard Adventuress
San Juan Islands

The smell of zucchini bread wafted to my nose
My delicious wake-up call
I eased my body out of my bunk
Taking heed to the advice of not bumping my head
On the two-foot length of my tight top bunk

The quilt that hung for the sake of our privacy
Was being hung on the ceiling
As the ladies arose from their beauty slumber

I grabbed my blue stainless-steel water bottle
My dentist-advertised toothbrush
And my minty Colgate toothpaste
Time to brush my pearly whites

Up on deck, 6:00 to 7:00, night watch was wrapping up
Checking the Adventuress bearings
I moved my toothbrush back and forth
Swooshing around the suds of the paste
Savoring the minty aroma
Then spit it overboard
Watching it melt into the salty sea.

My eyes caught sight of the trail of the sun’s reflection
Oh, what a beautiful morning.

…by Julia T.

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