Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Washington Conservation Corps Comes to Adventuress

Today, we were happy to welcome aboard Adventuress the Jefferson County Crew of the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC)!  They brought with them positive attitudes and big smiles--in spite of the rain--for their day of volunteering.  It was inspiring to hear that these passionate 18-25 year-olds are not just volunteering for a day, but have committed to a week of community service in honor of the 25th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Adventuress was just one of their many projects this week.

Some of the Jefferson County Crew
Established in 1983, the Washington Conservation Corps is modeled after Franklin D. Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930's.  The WCC is a program within Washington's Department of Ecology and Americorps.  They have 33 crews operating throughout the state year-round to protect and enhance Washington's natural resources.  So, when you see these folks out restoring habitats or removing invasive plant species, give them a wave and a thumbs up!

The six person WCC Jefferson Crew came to Adventuress at the suggestion of their corps member A.J. Garcia who had volunteered aboard our ship last year.  He suggested it as a possibility for MLK Week and it was well received.

"It's been a cool, positive experience being able to come out today," said James House, Assistant Supervisor for the Jefferson County Crew.  James had come aboard Adventuress when he was in elementary school and remembers the experience warmly.

Many of the corps members expressed that MLK week is exciting because they work on projects a little different than their usual work; like volunteering aboard Adventuress.

Corps member Aliina strikes a serious face!
Today, they effectively doubled the efforts of our regular winter crew.  The corps members were sanding the deckhouse, removing varnish bubbles from the ship's spars and they even got to rust-busting and painting block strops (the metal bands that run through a block).  Needless to say, they were a huge help in our efforts to keep our National Historic Landmark in ship-shape.
So, is a WCC position sounding appealing to you?  You should know that they're not currently hiring.  However, they will be doing their major hiring in the summer for positions starting in October.

Thank you Washington Conservation Corps and the Jefferson County Crew for working aboard Adventuress today!  You're welcome aboard anytime.

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  1. Great article Zach! I love the pictures. Thanks for getting it posted so quickly. I heard the crew had a great time. Go Adventuress!