Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Horn Timber Arrives! First Plank Goes on! Life is Good.

Yesterday evening the horn timber arrived from the Hudson Valley in New York!

The arrival of the timber had been pushed back because the snowstorms in the east delayed milling the tree.  On Thursday January 6, two drivers were able to load the timber and get out of New York just before another winter storm set in.  The timber was delivered yesterday evening, only four days after their departure.

Made of white oak, the timber is around 28 feet long!  Haven Boatworks worked with a company called New England Naval Timbers to fell and mill the tree.  The tree may be over 100 years old.  It seems suiting that the timber will now become part of a nearly 100-year-old vessel, providing strength and security for Adventuress for many generations to come.

Today held another momentous occasion as shipwright Brad Seamans put the first plank on the Starboard Bow.  The starboard bow is being planked with sapele, just like the port side project.

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