Thursday, January 6, 2011

December Shipyard Update

By Zach Simonson-Bond

Phases II and III of Adventuress' Centennial Restoration have been flying by.  December saw some exciting milestones from both the starboard bow and counter stern!

Phase II: Starboard Bow
Arthur Minnerly puts in the last futtock
The most notable accomplishment on the starboard bow is the completion of framing just before December 25.  Shipwrights Brad Seamans and Arthur Minnerly lead the replacement of Adventuress' frames and they did so with excellent attitudes!  Often, you could hear them swapping jokes and speaking in accents and they methodically strengthened the starboard bow.

Their scope of work extended from the new stem, installed last year, to the starboard midships reframing that happened in 2005-2006, and from the top plank to just below the waterline.  Planking on the starboard bow will begin in January, 2011.

Other Phase II accomplishments include the fabrication of a new chain plate and associated strapping which are currently being galvanized before they are secured to Adventuress.

Phase III: Counter Stern
The counter stern project has also had some exciting milestones, namely a strengthening of the entire steering system from the rudder to the wheel.  

Shipwright Andy C. works on the housing
A new rudder design has been completed that will provide more strength and stability for Adventuress' next half century.  An added benefit of the new design is that it will allow the rudder to be more easily removed and inspected in future years.

The rudder attaches to the Edson "worm steerer" at roughly deck level.  The worm steerer is a gear which provides mechanical advantage between the ships wheel and the rudder, making Adventuress easier to drive.  While strengthening the rudder, it was also decided to rebuild the box that holds the worm gear.  Shipwrights Blaise Holly and Andy C. are working on a new housing that will provide increased security for the worm gear and strengthen the entire system.

Leland with the transom blank
Meanwhile, shipwright Leland Gibson has been making a transom "blank."  Essentially, it is a curved board that the transom will be cut from.  Leland has been laminating boards together, two sapele with a top layer of teak, in preparation for the new transom!

Last, we're excited to announce that a large piece of white oak, 25 feet long, has been identified in New York for the horn timber.  It will be shipping in early January.  Shipwright Blaise Holly has already made the pattern for the timber and waiting eagerly for its arrival.

Regular maintenance is also moving steadily forward.  The inclement weather has kept our volunteers mostly under cover.  As a result, they have completed the disassembly and cleaning of Adventuress' blocks, the soles (or floors) of the ship are getting many protective coats of varathane, and the ship's spars have been scuffed in preparation for varnish!

Dont forget!  We have a Volunteer Work Weekend coming up at the end of January.  Come join us and help prepare Adventuress for her next sailing season.  The Work Weekend will be on Jan. 22 - 23.  Click here for more info.

Thank you all who have volunteered or donated during these projects.  You are keeping Adventuress in the best shape of her life!

Brad removes excess fastener material
Nate and Tom working on blocks!

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  1. great to see this work going on. thanks john maher S/V MYCIA