Friday, January 28, 2011

Thank You January Work Weekenders

By Capt. Korie Griffith

Scraping the hull
Thank you so much for coming to our last work weekend!  Though we were promised sunshine, we still made the best of what we were given.  I’m happy to say that we met our goal this weekend of getting the entire hull of Adventuress scraped and ready for bottom paint.  This is never a glorious job, but it is one that goes fast with lots of hands and is very satisfying when it is finished!  So, a special thanks to all of you who strapped on a respirator and left with bits of red dust in your hairlines (I hope you all enjoyed a well-deserved, long, hot shower!).

Other weekend accomplishments:

  • A big dent in block assembly; 2/3 done’ish (thanks Linda, Tom, Dennis, Mark and more)
  • Anchor chain shot marks prepped and painted for the season (thanks Dennis and Burke)
  • Mainmast repair (thanks Paul)
  • Fo'c's'le hatch got varnish (thanks Beth and Kacie)
  • Electrical wiring runs documented for our new navigation equipment (thanks Rick and Jane)
  • Repair to our shipyard boat bike (thanks Levi)
  • Christmas lights unbent (thanks Zach)
  • Delicious meals were cooked and served (thanks Monica and Indu)
  • Wood stock was moved (thanks Andrew)
  • Lots and lots of clean up (everyone!)

Winter Mate Ryan and Andrew inspecting the mainmast
There is probably more to add to this list, but our Master of Ceremonies, Ryan, is off on some well-deserved time off so I wasn’t able to get his list.  So, thank you for everything and all you did last weekend.

Please remember to sign up* for our last two work weekends this winter if you can: February 19-20 and March 12-13.  In February look forward to some rigging, paying the seams on the new planks and the start of gear shuffling (winter stuff off, sailing gear on).  March should find us back in the water, finishing rigging, cleaning and more gear shuffling and all those pesky projects that hang on until the bitter end of winter maintenance season.  As always, we’d love to have your help during the week too!

Thanks again!
Centennial Restoration Project Manager, Adventuress
korie (at) soundexp (dot) org

*If you'd like to sign up for the February or March Work Weekends, please send Korie an email.

Volunteers scraping bottom paint!

They're a dedicated, hearty bunch

Don't worry, we vacuumed it all up!

Reassembling the blocks

Newly painted metal hardware waiting to be assembled

Jane B. and Rick C. studying electronics

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