Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's for Dinner?

Each evening aboard Adventuress, a troop of costumed characters emerge from the main cabin in response to a resounding chorus of "What's for dinner?" A lively skit ensues, as the Watch Group members assigned to dinner prep use their theatrical talents to let the rest of the crew know what they have been cooking in the galley.

Then it's time to climb down the ladder into the foc'sle, grab dishes and utensils, get in line in the "bowling alley," and make your way to the galley to fill your plate with delicious vegetarian fare. For some reason, the food always seems to taste especially good after a busy day on the water, and a welcome sound is the "ding ding" of the ship's bell signaling that everyone has been served and it's okay to come back for seconds.

Dish washing usually takes place on deck. Hopefully you've eaten everything on your plate to minimize waste. Any remnants are scraped into the compost bucket (to be eventually offloaded to nourish someone's garden); plates are rinsed with saltwater; then it's into (1) hot, soapy, fresh water, (2) hot water rinse, (3) mild bleach solution, and finally (4) dish racks to air dry. This sytem is great for conserving the precious supply of fresh water on board, and with everyone pitching in to help, cleanup is quick and easy.

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  1. Now I know that you girls can do this at home!!! Love you Mom and Dad