Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adventuress Views


  1. This was, by far, the best trip EVER!!!! I will definitetly do it again, even if I have to earn every penny of it!!!!

  2. I wanted to say "Thank You" to Elizabeth, Zach, and the others who contribute to the blog. I am sure that it is one more thing for you to do in an already very busy day. I want you to know that it was much appreciated as a link to my girls, who were on the sail, and as a way to share information about Sound Experience and what you offer. I shared the blog with friends and family both locally and out-of-state. Just wanted you to know that the extra work has much value and I encourage you to continue blogging the adventures aboard Adventuress. Thanks again!

  3. You're very welcome, Debi!! This was the first time we've "blogged" a trip and the positive response was really appreciated. We're planning to make it a regular feature of our youth trips, as we continue to work the bugs out of the system with internet connections and playing phone tag. Thanks for your great comments and for sharing with your family and friends!