Friday, July 10, 2009

Adventuress Updates from Hannah and Zach

Hello! This is Hannah, one of the Educator/Deckhands on the trip. Yesterday we took the girls ashore to explore the tidepools on Jones Island. Erin led up a blind hike which involved girls guiding a blindfolded partner along a path without touching and with gentle yes and no questions only. After, I set up a solo hike along the coast trail. I placed cards with observations and questions and inspirational quotations at various points along the path. We sent the girls on the 1-mile hike one at a time, and they emerged glowing and voluntarily discussed the hike and the cards among themselves. "I wanted it to go on forever!" said one girl. It was one of many high points in the day. Others included discovering immense purple lion's mane jellies, leaning in close to look at fascinating intertidal creatures, and an art gallery tour aboardship featuring work by crew and participants.

Hello! This is Zach, also an Educator/Deckhand as well as the summer season Bosun. I led a lesson on Monkey's Fists and most of the girls will leave the boat wearing one as a necklace. Here is a link to a webpage with instructions from the International Guild of Knot Tyers, so you can make one at home:

After the lesson, the gals took a guided tour around the boat. They had spent a good deal of the time after the shore-hike making art in many forms. Some were drawings, some paper oragami and cranes, some were stories or poems. Hannah and Allyssa put on their best snobbish artsy accents and led the girls around the boat asking the artists to "offer some words about their work." It was a huge success.

Today we set sail right away and sailed for most of the day. We had a Man Overboard (MOB) drill and managed to get the "person" out of the water in three minutes from the time the drill was called. Most of the girls got time at the helm and on bow watch. There were lessons today ranging from watersheds to sea monsters to boxing the compass. Silly games were had that involved sticking out your tongue and making the "thpbbt" sound. The apprentices worked on splices with me. Also, we sailed onto anchor tonight. Right now a girl is playing "In the Jungle" on the saxaphone!

The trip is going well, the sun came out today and the wind joined it once we got into Rosario Strait.

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