Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday morning brought a breakfast of French toast and fruit and a run-down of the day's activities. First up was everyone pitching in for Ship Stewardship. Watch Groups were assigned to washing the deck, cleaning the soles (floors) of the cabins, and yes, cleaning the heads! With things shipshape, it was finally time to set sail. All hands joined in to sing a sea chantey while raising the big mainsail, followed by the foresail, staysail, and jib. Gray skies and cool temperatures called for jackets and hats, but a nice steady breeze made for pleasant sailing. Watch Groups rotated through time on deck for sail handling and navigation lessons, time in the deckhouse for plankton class, time in the main cabin for artwork and journaling, and time in the galley to help with lunch (salad and two kinds of macaroni and cheese). One group decided to bake cookies for the ship, choosing three different recipes from the galley cookbooks. Each Watch Group created a special flag as well. A hearty dinner of black-bean burgers and potatoes was served at anchor before evening programs began.The Brave Porpoises were asked what they liked best about Day One:
"Making new friends."
"Watching it go from dark to light during early morning anchor watch."
"Sleeping!" (much appreciated after a busy day at sea)
And one of the girls (aka "Rosy Rockfish") shared her impressions of Day One:
"Last night was my first night aboard the Adventuress. It was calm that night. We played games. There are two cabins on board. The ship is big, the food is good, and there is lots of room. Fun activities and wonderful sights. I learned how to tie a bowline from an overhand knot and to tie off to a cleat. What I liked most was talking."

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  1. Hey, Rosy Rockfish... sounds like life is good!!! Waiting to hear more of your adventures... Love, Mom and Dad