Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Haikus From Anchor Watch on the Waldorf Trip

Recently, two Waldorf schools joined us for a four-day overnight trip out of Bellingham and through the San Juan Islands.

On our overnight trips, everyone aboard stands a one-hour anchor watch to keep the ship and their slumbering shipmates safe!

Anchor watches are magical hours. Participants are roused gently from sleep by whispering their names and tugging at their pillows. They don their anchor watch garb--which was thoughtfully laid out the night before--and make their way gingerly to deck.

Always there are things to do on anchor watch. Careful not to make a noise, we sneak around checking and rechecking the ship. How high is the bilgewater? Is the anchor light still on? Are our bearings still within an acceptable range? Check, check and check!

As the nights progress, our participants learn the ropes and we finish with time to spare. Sometimes, like on this trip, we write haikus. Here are the haikus written by the Waldorf students:

Night is very dark
Chuckanut Bay is awesome
We love it here

Ripples on water
Rain pats softly on the deck
Clouds cover the stars

The water is smooth
Glossy like a mirror's face
Quiet like the moon

Tomorrow is now
The water is calm and clear
All is sound and safe

Campfire on the shore
Joyful music and singing
As we guarded home

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