Friday, June 25, 2010

Two Days of Maintenance: Complete!

By Capt. Daniel Evans,

Howdy folks!

We just wrapped up two days of maintenance on Adventuress and you wouldn't believe how much we got done. I could keep it a secret, but decided I would enjoy it much less if I didn't get to share it with all the people who work so hard to keep her(and us) afloat. So here is a list, but keep in mind that for everything that was completed many other things had to happen: like moving deck boxes, walking every where except the deck, working out of Hefe, mixing, cleaning, coordinating, prepping, troubleshooting, buying, climbing, sanding and well...a little bit of guessing and just praying it will dry in time.

So here we go:
  1. Scraped the entire deck for paint, etc. and slushed the whole deck
  2. Scrubbed down and Osphod the entire hull
  3. Sanded and Painted both rubrails
  4. Popped paint bubbles on the entire hull, then faired and painted all bare spots (2 coats)
  5. Slushed not just the standing rigging, but the backstays, head rig and jib and staysail stays
  6. Cut down all the troublesome bolt ends in the focsle that have been bopping people in the head, arms and feet
  7. End for ended both the throat and peak halyards on the fore (anything to give them some life!)
  8. Painted beautiful bunk numbers on the new focsle bunks
  9. Had a thorough cleaning of the belowdecks (field day)
  10. Replaced bad shackles aloft - bad shackles! Bad Shackles!
  11. Inspected and cleaned 'suspect' blocks aloft
  12. Pinned or double nutted every bolt that wasn't already done in the standing rigging
  13. Applied sodium borate not just to the lazarette, but to the main cabin and focsle bilges
  14. Killed bad mosses that were actually growing aloft in our trestletrees! Bad moss! Bad moss!
  15. Finished the servings on the head rig
  16. Traced down the issue with the fire pump that was not allowing us to use more than one fire hose (long story, but it was an air leak in the heads)
  17. And finally, pulled out all the sole boards in the main cabin, sanded them down and painted on a beautiful coat of Varathane.

It was tremendous work by our Chief Mate Sarah and this eager crew. They worked hard, completed tasks well and were still cheerful at the end of the day. Kacie worked the first day even though it was her day off and Merilee stopped cooking long enough to slush the fore shrouds. Adventuress was in need of some love and she got it in these two days.


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