Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Work Weekend, a Recipe and a Project Update

What an eventful weekend for the Adventuress' Centennial Restoration Project. Volunteers poured in from all around the sound bringing with them fresh energy and excitement. The food was fantastic, the work engaging, and I couldn't ask for better company; Adventuress' community is so fun, knowledgeable and hardworking.

The food was a highlight for all. Monica, one of our volunteer galley-coordinators, made an amazing bread pudding. One of our volunteers liked it so much that he insisted it be posted on the blog. So, here it is:

Bread Pudding
Create the custard:
Combine 3 eggs per 1 cup milk
Add sugar to taste (roughly 1/2 cup sugar per 1 cup milk)
1 tsp vanilla
Add fruit if desired

Fill a pan with bread cut into cubes
Add the custard to the bread. It should almost cover the cubes.
Put it all in the oven at 350. You know it's done when you stick in a knife and it comes out clean.


There were so many other highlights of the weekend, a major one being the outstanding number of volunteers that came to donate their time. On Saturday, there were 31 volunteers and on Sunday, there were 21. Together, they logged 299 hours working on the ship! Thank you again volunteers for your dedication and support.

The work accomplished this weekend is impressive. Here is the list from Captain Korie:
  • Scraped entire hull in preparation for bottom paint
  • Stripped and sanded 75% of deckhouse
  • Sanded Aya-She
  • Sanded spars and topmasts
  • Chipped concrete from forepeak frame bays to accommodate our new stem
  • Sanded deck boxes, console and deck table
  • Rebuilt Spar Alley roof
  • Prepped and painted the starboard focsle ceiling
  • Sanded heads
  • Cleaned/scraped cap rails and bulwarks
  • Removed fasteners from old frames and plugged holes with swede nails
The deckhouse was particularly exciting. The sun had bleached the deckhouse's rich mahogany-red into something yellow and resembling pine. But now, by the power of heat-guns, scrapers, orbital sanders, and volunteer-stamina, the deckhouse is returning to its former beauty. All in all, the weekend was a huge success.

There have also been new developments in the scope of the restoration project. Korie and the shipwrights decided to replace the stem! The shipwrights carefully cut away the old oak stem, and have started diligently working on its replacement. They bought 3 huge pieces of purple heart from Edensaw and have been carefully patterning and planning.

That seems like plenty for now, but be watching for future posts on how to install swede nails, bungs, and further updates on Phase 1 of Adventuress' Centennial Restoration Project.

Pictures: Our volunteers hard at work scraping the hull; Shipwright Blaise taking out the stem.

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