Friday, February 19, 2010

A Restoration Update

Today marked the close of a very productive week in the restoration of the schooner Adventuress.

"It was an exciting time of things coming together," said Aleythea, a volunteer crew-member aboard the historic ship.

A major accomplishment of the week was the installment of the ship's new stem. The new stem was created by joining two separate pieces of purple-heart by a scarf. Interestingly, the ship's original stem was made from a single piece of white oak with a natural curve.

According to Aleythea, the shipwrights greased the area where the stem was to lay, and then it, "slid right in."

Beth, the winter mate during the preservation project, commented that other notable achievements for the week included the installment of the newly fabricated chain plate, to which the shrouds will be reattached; varnish was applied to the upper portions of the spars; sanding and varnishing continued on the deckhouse; and the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding began to install the new focs'le bunks.

Work will resume on Monday. For those interested in getting involved, contact Capt. Korie at

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