Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tacoma News Tribune Reports on Adventuress

Last Wednesday, the Tacoma News Tribune featured the Adventuress in an article titled, "Tall ship Adventuress offering free tours, $40 cruises on Sunday." Craig Hill, the reporter who broke the story, was able come on board to experience our program, and converse with the captain and crew.

Captain Joshua Berger was quoted saying, “When we are all on board it’s easy to see how our actions impact each other and the ship."

The Adventuress is a closed system. The crew pay careful attention to what goes into it: fuel, water and food, and what comes out of it: compost, food-waste and trash. By monitoring resources and maintaining the ship, the world aboard the Adventuress is preserved and enhanced.

The Earth, too, is a closed system, but on a larger scale. Hill noted the parallel that the crew draws between the ship and the Earth.

"Berger... and his crew use the comparison to teach environmental responsibility to kids," wrote Hill.

You can find the rest of Hill's article here, at the Tacoma News Tribune's website.

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