Friday, May 29, 2009

Sussex School Aboard the Adventuress

The following article was written as part of a school assignment. The course is "Writing for the Mass Media," and the assignment was to create a newsletter. I had to write five articles roughly 100 words each. I chose to do one of my articles on the Sussex school Sound Exploration trip, for which I was a volunteer. This is that article!

Traveling from Montana, a small group of students and their chaperons braved a nine hour car ride to come sail aboard the Schooner Adventuress. Departing on May 14 from Bainbridge Island's City Dock, the Adventuress sailed for first north, then south, admiring the majestic waters of the Puget Sound.

The nine students, grade eight, quickly earned the respect of the crew with their maturity and energy. Over the three day voyage the students tackled advanced navigation, bellowed chanteys, hauled up the sails and studied the depths of Puget Sound's ecosystem.

As their departure drew near, the students recounted their favorite things: the bowsprit, going aloft, spotting seals and the food. Many participants wished the trip was longer, others dreamed of coming back but everyone left the ship inspired.

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