Friday, July 1, 2011

Road Scholar Intergenerational Day 5 of 6 Day Voyage – Headed down Puget Sound toward Seattle from Everett

Q & A with the Grandchildren – 6 boys ages 10-13

Describe what you’ve liked the most on this trip so far:

"Climbing aloft.  You’re up there above everything – you can see everything afar – and it’s windy up there!  It’s an awesome experience."

"I’ve never been really, really high up before, except on roller coasters."

"I liked when we went on a hike – it’s just an island to itself.  And you needed a boat to get out there.  I’ve only been to islands you can drive to before."

"I think it’s really fun setting the sails – you’ve got everyone working together doing something that affects everyone else.  It’s kind of rewarding putting up something that weighs several thousand pounds!"

Each night we have evening program.  What has been your favorite part?

"I really like the whole program – the different “reports” – and everyone comes together to play games and sing.  There were old songs that I didn’t know but my grandmother did – and it helped us win!"

"I loved the murder mystery game! That was so funny in the end."

"It’s fun to see my grandmother here on the boat; she’s really different here than at home."

This final question was posed by one of the boys to the other boys…How do you think this experience has changed you?

"It’s taught me a lot about food waste and how you can eat healthy foods."

"I’ve learned to love different kinds of tea."

"You have to work hard to do something and in the end, it’s really rewarding."

"If no one did the dishes, you’d just have dirty dishes."

"Every little thing you do affects the environment – every little thing contributes to a big thing, which affects all other things."

"It’s definitely given me more experience in sailing.  I learned about new and different boats, the San Juan Islands, and history."

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  1. i love the comment about the tea and the dishes