Monday, April 11, 2011

BEST Boating Adventure: Vote Adventuress!

By Zach Simonson-Bond

Exciting news!  Adventuress is up for "Best Boating Adventure," "Best ECO Adventure" and "Best Cruise" in Evening Magazine's Best Northwest Escapes online voting competition.  Is anyone else having Vote for the Boat flashbacks?

This one is even easier than Partners in Preservation.  You can vote by simply logging on with an email or your Facebook account.  The other major difference: you only need to vote once per category.

So... VOTE FOR THE BOAT... again!  And help us spread the word.  Send an email, post on Facebook, and tell your friends.  You know the drill.  :)

Best Boating Adventure
Best ECO Adventure
Best Cruise

Thanks everyone for your vote and helping us get the word out.


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