Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some of the most unique and special moments that happen aboard Adventuress occur during the hour up on deck in the middle of the night. Whether stormy or clear, alone or with one or two others, the opportunity to experience the night in a whole new way can be magical. Not only that, but creative energy at 3AM can be quite spectacular! The following story was written during anchor watch by crew and participants on our Boy Scout trip last week...

On their 2nd night of anchor watch, while reflecting on all of the activities of the day, the Adventuress sailors were startled by...a sea serpent as long as their boat who smelled peanut sauce from the Upright Channel, 6nanometers away. Suddenly...the horny head of the serpent thrust out of the quiet waters of Shoal Bay, sending a scintillating spray of phosphorescent dinoflagellates across the dewy deck of the ship in a living reflection of the night sky.

The monster’s head arched over the starboard lifelines. The night watch had fallen asleep in the deckhouse and was oblivious to the threat looming over them. Suddenly, there was a thunderous snore from the Captain’s Cabin! The monster was taken aback for the moment, not sure whether this snoring ship was a worthy opponent, or a creature to be romanced and seduced.

The ship tried to flee. For the lack of wind it used the motor and powered out of the bay. In hopes of losing the monster the crew sailed her into high water. Clear of the San Juan Islands the wind picked up and the ship sailed on.

The watch now applied as much sail as two deckhands could raise and sighting the sea serpent ahead – gave chase! The helmsman shouted “we are heading for the arctic” as Adventuress started back on the path of her original journey North. The wind rose and the ship thundered on – unbeknownst to the unsuspecting sleeping occupants below. What would happen about Breakfast?

As the crew and occupants began to rise for morning, they realized they were soaked from sweat! What was going on? Everyone gathered on deck and looked out to a beautiful island called Hawaii. The crew on deck were shocked, for they had been trying to navigate from the stars and thought for sure they were headed back to San Juan Island.

‘Alas!’ cried the crew, for the breakfast was a stew. And keeping a sharp eye for the danger of the rocks, the temporary cook had brewed up some soup of Elena’s stinky socks! ‘Arrg!’ cried the mate as the sailors cast their fate. They plotted a new course, while raising the main they shouted ‘Heave’ until their voices grew near hoarse.

Meanwhile, Jane relieved the temporary cook in the galley. The crew had hated their breakfast, but resourceful Jane quickly realized the perfect use for stinky sock stew. When they returned to the islands she could use it to pacify the sea serpent, which was lying in wait for them! The crew of Adventuress sailed up the coasts of California, Oregon, and Washington, enjoying sightings of sea lions along the way. When they returned to Shoal Bay, the sea serpent gratefully ate the stew – he’d only been hungry all this time! And Jane cooked a scrumptious celebratory breakfast for all hands. THE END

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  1. What a very creative night that was! A special ship and crew indeed!