Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you Volunteers!!

By Capt. Korie

My oh my. What an amazing work list we
all accomplished this past weekend. Thank you everyone for coming from all over, pitching in wherever you could, bringing us rags and supplies and helping us log an amazing amount of volunteer hours. Everything you did this weekend gets us one step closer to our splash date (the week of April 5th). There is still a lot to be done before that, but this weekend helped tremendously.

PLEA FOR MORE HELP And, just a reminder, we really need more help throughout the work week. Our dedicated live aboard volunteers are slowly trickling out to other spring jobs just when we need hands the most. So, any time you can spare during the week, we could really use you. Before we splash we still need to seam and paint all the new planks, paint the bottom, rig all the lower spars, remove the boat cover. Hopefully, we can also get the new focsle bunks painted and more varnish on our deck brightwork as well before we start to focus on rigging and getting the ship ready for the season start on April 25th. Please contact me if you are able to join us. There will always be a bunk and meals waiting for you aboard. Thanks in advance!


Hours towards the Restoration Project: 148
Hours towards general winter maintenance: 128
TOTAL volunteer hours: 276!!

  • Repaired and tarred headrig
  • Leathered gaff jaws
  • Prepped focsle bunks and bulkheads for finishwork
  • Repaired focsle ceiling vents
  • Installed new 12V House Bank
  • Repaired Engineer’s Locker ceiling
  • Installed and faired bungs for the port planks
  • Prepped the starboard hull for repair
  • Prepped and painted the port rub rail
  • Prepped and varnished the cap rail
  • Spot varnished spars
  • Prepped and painted the starboard boot stripe
  • Prepped the deckhouse and bowsprit for varnish
  • Moved spars from storage to ship
  • Organized storage containers
  • Moved wood and equipment to the storage containers
  • Cleaned and organized the deck
  • Moved rigging to ship
  • Painted engine room
  • Painted new fore shroud chain plate
  • Repaired and painted chart case shelf
  • Scraped the forward bulwarks
  • Painted the middle head
  • Worked on deck eye backing blocks

THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE. It was great to see you all again and meet some new folks. Thanks for keeping us on your radar. We need you all this winter more than ever!

LAST REMINDER: The work weekend in April was moved from the 3/4 to the 10/11 because Easter is on the 4th. Hope to see you all there as we make our last big push before the season!

Korie, Beth and the Adventuress crew

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